Safe Guarding My Home

With my kids getting a little older I am rethinking how we secure my house and possessions. Last month we had a problem in the area where someone's bike was stolen. Last Summer we had numerous break-ins in cars and the Summer before that, four homes were robbed. It is scary and can happen anywhere. We live in a small, lake community which has many visitors over the summer months meaning we all stay on high alert through the warm months with hikers, bikers, and boaters. Doesn't mean I think it couldn't be a local just find it interesting that it happens during the high traffic months.

While many people are very trusting, I on the other hand, trust no one. My friends and neighbors often tell me that they don't lock up their cars or homes during the day. Shocking! In this day and age I think you are just asking for trouble. Maybe it is because we didn't grow up here but my husband and I have never left any doors unlocked and we are always leery of strangers walking or driving through our area.

The year my son was born we actually had an issue with someone taking things from our mailbox. Sometimes the items would be missing, sometimes they would be scattered around the street, down the street or on other people's property. It was so frustrating and made me nervous because here I was with a newborn and wondered who would do such a thing and were the dangerous.

My husband the technie master he is, put a video camera in the window on a tripod (you remember those really big ones that you put a VHS tape in). He put black tape over the red light and set it up to record four hours of the day. We watched days and days of tape before finally finding our culprit red handed.  It happened to be a young girl who lived a few doors down. My husband took the tape to her mother and mentioned his find. The girl was made to apologize to him and a half hour later they arrived at our door to apologize to me.

In that case it was a simple, nonthreatening problem that was easily rectified. Now that I have kids, we have decided to webcam monitor the home.  It is easy to do and I can't wait to have peace of mind knowing I can check in at any time through my smart device no matter where I am.

Protect your family and your home this Summer.

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