Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New Year Family Fun. Make 2014 An Exciting Year!

With 2014 just around the corner, many families will be reflecting on the last year and taking a look at ways to improve the next one. On top of the proverbial plans to hit the gym, eat vegetables and be kind to more people, there are some fun and meaningful resolutions to try together as a family. If you are working on your list New Year’s resolutions, here are terrific activities to explore in 2014.

Start Skiing
A fun way to enjoy the winter outdoors and learn new skills together, skiing can be a rewarding hobby for many families. Parents familiar with the sport can coach their youngsters. Or first timer families can sign up for ski school. Skiing can quickly turn into family adventure to look forward to each season.

Gearing up for skiing and snowboarding is one of the more expensive aspects of this activity. Some suppliers offer end of the year sales or deals like Dogfunk coupons to take advantage of when suiting everyone up in snow clothes, hats and gloves. Rentals are a fantastic option for families just testing out the new experience.

Cross Cultural Encounters
For families who want to expand their children’s horizons, hosting a foreign exchange student can be a great opportunity to bring multicultural connections home to impact your growing kids. If it is impractical to take the entire family out of the country on vacation, you can bring foreign countries to your house by hosting an exchange student for a few weeks in the summer or throughout an entire school year.

This experience can be a powerful tool opening up the world to your children. Hosting a student from another country will teach interpersonal skills while providing first-hand exposure to another culture and sharing your own heritage, too.

Make Some Music
Another cultural experience to try is music lessons. Whether you are musical parents or not, you can still expose your children to music and gain some new insights of your own. Directories like TakeLessons online are great resources for finding local music teachers. You can also check out library books on basic music theory and the lives of famous composers to read together.

How About Hiking
A wonderful idea for getting everybody outside for some exercise and fresh air is to organize a couple of family hikes to nearby wildlife reserves and National Parks. These make fantastic places to play as a family while learning about preservation and protecting the environment.

Planning and then hiking the trail, you can teach your children how to read a map, chart out a route and pack the right snacks, hydration and equipment for the day. A few family hikes might create a lifelong passion in your children for the outdoors and an active lifestyle.

With these awesome ideas, you can embark on a fun and fulfilling new year. Hopefully, 2014 will prove both exciting and enriching for the entire family.

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  1. Alicia Silverstone6:58 AM

    Great, have fun and try to wear warm clothes for winter. Keep warm and keep safe.



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