How Fast Is Fast? We Have Been Inspired By Turbo #TurboFastFun

Ever since watching Turbo, our house has been on a mission to beat our own record. I think it had something to do with the kids getting stop watches.

Check out this video and find out how animals compete with the snails from Turbo around a Indy 500 track.

We got this Turbo Fast Fun Day as a 20th Century Fox Insider which features all things Turbo. You can see our Turbo review here along with some fun activity sheets.

Goddess wore her eyes to school the next day as a headband and everyone commented on them!

They are obviously excited to have their gift pack and couldn't wait to open them but not before photos!

The kits included:
·  A goal (chore) chart with stickers
·  Blue stopwatch
·  Light-up Turbo headband
·  Pullback Turbo racer/action figure
·  Word magnets
·  Notebook light up!

The kids have never had a stop watch before and started using them for everything. 

First they played with them with the little pull back Turbo that came with their gift pack.

Here is Goddess writing down the times of her Turbo as he raced across the floor.

I have timed her vaccuming the hallway and bedrooms too! She can get it all done in about 6 minutes 34 seconds. Not bad considering she is a tiny little thing.

This stop watch has become a staple in both kids backpacks and I see it everywhere.

On Saturday I spotted her dusting and rearranging her shelves with the stop watch counting her mins.

We have even started taping the stop watch to the bathroom door because sometimes, there is a line and hello, move it along people. You have 4 minutes max. So far it is working. Thinking of using it for showers too!

Kids are naturally competitive and the stop watch is something we use almost daily. Who know Turbo from Dreamworks could be motivational?

If you haven't seen Turbo yet, see it! Perfect family friendly movie and while waiting to watch, how about printing out the below 3D Puzzle.

Disclaimer: We received the Turbo Goal Kit as a Fox Home Entertainment Insider. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. Can't wait to see Turbo with my granddaughter this Thanksgiving and the Light-up Turbo headbands on the kids are way too cute. Also watched the video and I must say I'm really impressed with Cheetah's. Going from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just three seconds is just incredible!


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