A Must Have For Every Child's Book Shelf: The Fuzzwippers Series

Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too

Finding friends and fitting in are vital and reoccurring themes throughout a child’s life. Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too ($4.99, ages 3-7), written by Marilynn Halas and illustrated by Jeremy Provost, teaches children early on to be themselves but also to appreciate their friends for who they are too.   

In Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too, Festus makes fun of his fellow fuzzwipper’s bright blue color and teases Fuzzardan that he will never find a child to love him. Fuzzardan considers changing his color, but thinks about the fact that blue is the color of his family and what makes him truly unique. He decides to stay blue and on the following day he meets and makes friends with Stephen. Later on that day, Fuzzardan discovers the truth; that Festus was really worried that no one would like his fuzz compared to Fuzzardan’s beautiful fluffy blue. Fuzzardan helps Festus clean up his fuzz and together they learn to appreciate and celebrate their differences.

A list of tips for children on how to accept and become comfortable with who they are is located inside the back cover. Suggestions include:
1.      Be yourself. You are the only you in the whole world.
2.      Remember that everyone is different and everyone has value. 
3.      You have a wonderful gift inside you, and it belongs only to you. It is your mind. It is uniquely yours and you can use it to think for yourself.

Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too is the sixth in a collection of ten storybooks that help children cultivate the social-emotional skills they will need to live happy and balanced lives. Through engaging storytelling, children are guided and supported by a friendly and magical Fuzzwipper creature, which always assures them that “they are loved, no matter what.”

About Marilynn Halas:
MarilynnHalas is a children's book author, life coach and founder of 4 Sunflowers Media, a multimedia company whose mission is to empower children and parents through storytelling. Raised both in New Jersey and Northern Ireland, Marilynn uses her experience to infuse a deep understanding of the human condition into fantastic characters and situations that surprise, delight and reassure her readers. She currently lives in rural Connecticut with her husband and four children.

About Jeremy Provost
Jeremy Provost is the illustrator of Jumpin’ Jackie and The Cow That Jumped Over the Moon. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Illustration from Indiana Wesleyan University. He currently resides in Oconomowoc, WI.

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Written by Marilynn Halas, Illustrated by Jeremy Provost
$4.99               Ages 3-7        ISBN-13: 978-0-9883562-1-4
To be Published October 8, 2013

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