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Bonus Save: Shirin Diamonds - Tennis Bracelet

$19 for a tennis bracelet with AAA cubic zirconia + free shipping
Bonus Save: 5 Star Deal - Measuring Cup

Chef Buddy: $14 for a digital measuring cup scale
Bonus Save: Core Bamboo

$24 for a Core Bamboo 14-piece Utensil Set — shipping included!
Bonus Save: Gift Koncepts - Oral B Replacements

$14 for 12 Oral B-compatible replacement toothbrush heads
Bonus Save: All 4 Cellular - iPhone 5 Power Bank

$17 for an iPhone 5 power bank backup battery — choose from two colors!
Bonus Save: iChameleons - USB Cord

$2 for two 10-foot color USB cables
Bonus Save: WidgetLove - Waterproof Case

$9 for a waterproof smartphone case — compatible with dozens of phones
Bonus Save: ELH Sheets

$31 for a microfiber six-piece sheet set — shipping included!
Bonus Save: Canvas Lifestyle

From $35: One or two photo canvases from + free shipping!
Bonus Save: iChameleons - iPad Case

$29 for a case for iPad or iPad Mini with bluetooth keyboard included — several color options!
Bonus Save: Epacific Mall - Heart Rate Monitor

$17 for a heart rate monitor watch in blue, red, or silver — shipping included!
Bonus Save: Nations Gifts - Perfume Atomizer

$16 for two refillable mini-perfume atomizers + free shipping!
Bonus Save: GSMC Ventures - Raspberry Ketones

$25 for a three-month supply of Raspberry Ketones Max + free shipping!
Bonus Save: Neverland Sales - Divinity Necklace

$19 for a Divinity Necklace with Swarovski Elements crystals — shipping included!
Bonus Save: TagCo - Roadside Emergency Kit

$19 for a 33-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit
Bonus Save: Lookboard - Knife Set

$19 for an 11-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with cutting board
Bonus Save: Epacific Mall - Bracelet Charger

$5 for a bracelet charger cable for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 or Android — choose from 14 color options


  1. I love the deal for the different colored USB cords! I get mixed up what cord belongs to what piece atm.

  2. LOVE the necklace - looks so retro, and at that price how can you pass it up?!

  3. Some amazing deals!

  4. Glad I found this site! So many great deals.

  5. What a great thing the heart rate monitor is. I am always walking and wanting to know where things are at.

  6. GREAT Deals! I'm getting the photo-canvasses from; I alrdy have several & would like to add to my collection. Great for family pics!

  7. I really enjoy seeing these new products. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These deals are unbelievable! I love the digital measuring cup ~ never seen one like it!

  9. Great deals on these products

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  10. Great deals on a lot of different things, I like that.


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