Monster's Inc And Tooth Care For Kids 5-7 - GIVEAWAY

My kids love new toothbrushes especially when it has some of their favorite characters on it

Monsters Can Be Fun and So Can Trips to the Dentist With These Tips from America's ToothFairy!

Fear of the unknown can have a negative impact on a child’s feelings toward their dental visits.  Ensuring that your child is familiar with the dental practice and the people that are going to help them keep their smile healthy will ease their fears and make the dental visit go smoothly.
  • Visit the dentist with your child prior to their first appointment.  Help your child understand what to expect on their visit by taking a tour of the practice and asking the dental assistant or dental hygienist to explain what will be done and demonstrate how each instrument will be used.  Not only will this help ease your child’s fears, but it also creates a wonderful learning opportunity!
  • For slightly order children, bring them along to observe your routine dental cleaning and exam. This will allow them to ask questions, see how each instrument will be used, eliminate potential fears by observing your experience and help them understand the importance of practicing good oral health behaviors. (Contact your dental office prior to your appointment to advise them that your child will be with you.)
  • Regular dental visits will enable your child to develop a sense of familiarity and comfort with the dental team and practice as well provide vital preventive care necessary for a healthy smile.
  • Reinforcing concepts such as daily brushing and flossing, by posting a calendar and rewarding your child a gold star or sticker for every day of excellent oral care.  Help get your child excited about their next dental visit by bringing the calendar with you to show the dentist.
  • Allow your child to bring their favorite toy or blanket with them on their dental visit to give them an added sense of security and comfort.
  • Reading can have a soothing and calming effect on your child.  Bring their favorite book to read to them during their dental appointment.
  • Let your child wear a costume on their dental visit.  This special treat can help them view going to the dentist as a fun activity. 

Be positive about going to the dentist.  Avoid grumbling about your own dental appointments and help your child understand that going to the dentist helps them keep their smiles healthy!   This is important because after all, the ToothFairy likes to collect healthy teeth!
Oral-B Stages Monsters, Inc. Toothbrush
Designed for kids ages 5 to 7 years, the Stages 3 Monsters, Inc. Toothbrush helps kids brush their best! 

At this stage, molars start to grow in while some baby teeth are lost. Kids can brush, but they’re still learning good technique. Sometimes they brush only one side of teeth, and they can’t always reach back teeth. 

The Stages 3 Monsters, Inc. Toothbrush:
  • Helps protect tender gums
  • Surrounds and cleans teeth
  • Helps kids reach their back teeth
  • Fits little hands still learning to brush
  • Makes brushing fun with Monsters, Inc. characters!
Look for these NEW Monsters, Inc. Crest & Oral-B Pro-Health Stages products in your local Walmart!

The Giveaway Packs includes:
 2 Crest Pro-Health Stages Monsters, Inc. Toothpastes (4.2 oz. ea.)

and 2 Oral-B Stages Monsters, Inc. Toothbrushes!
(Total approximate retail value of $10.00)

The 411 by Handsome and Goddess:

We change our brush every 3 months as recommended by our dentist. The kids as well as the husband and I love getting new brushes but the kids especially love using a brush when they really love it.

They received the new Monsters, Inc. Toothbrush from Crest Pro-Health Stages & Oral B Stages and have even been brushing after school. Not bad for kids who although told every day, usually only brush 2 times a day (morning and evening). 

We are happy to share this giveaway from Crest Pro-Health and Oral B and just know your kids will also love brushing with these toothbrushes. 

You can never get too much oral health care.  

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. The prizes are being fulfilled by the sponsor. 


  1. I try to change it monthly--but it often goes up to 3 months or until it looks terrible. Need to get in the habit better.

  2. We change about every 3 months

  3. I try to change them every 3 months but sometimes I forget.

  4. I change it whenever I remember, every few months.

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  5. About every 3 months

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  7. Every three months or sooner if it looks shaggy and worn.

  8. every 3 months for myself, normally more often for the kids because they have a tendency to chew on their tooth brushes.

  9. Every 3 months.

  10. About every 2-3 months.


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