Can Your Bathroom Be a Sanctuary?

Did you know that we spend more time in our bathrooms than we do in any other room of the house? Think about it: between bathing, oral hygiene, and bodily functions—we’re in there an awful lot. If we’re lucky we’ll get to spend that time in there alone (though if you have kids under the age of ten this isn’t very likely). You’d think, with all that (hopefully) alone time in one room, we’d work harder to make those rooms fun places in which to spend our time (instead of the utilitarian closets we keep now).

Here’s the truth: it doesn’t take a whole lot of work to turn your bathroom from that place you have to go into once in a while to the place you actually enjoy being stuck in. Here’s how to do it:

Clean it Up, Clean it Out

Go to town. Wash down all of the walls; scour your tub, sinks, toilet and floor. When you’re done cleaning you want the room to feel like it would be capable of handling a surgery.
Clean it out! Obviously there are some things that you need to keep in there: toilet paper, a few towels, bath supplies, cosmetics and toiletries. These things need to be kept within easy reach. Magazines, newspapers, legos, toys, books—these things do not belong in this room. Sure you can take them in there with you, but make it a rule that they also need to be carried back out with you as well.

Organize Organize Organize

If you only have one bathroom for your whole family to share, organization is key. Give each person one drawer or shelf for his or her belongings. If something doesn’t fit in that space, it needs to be carried from that person’s bedroom. This will cut down on clutter by quite a lot.
If you have space, bring in a small basket in which to keep bath toys. You don’t want to have to carry all of the bath toys in and out every day but you also don’t want them strewn all over the tub and the floor when they aren’t being used.


This is where you get to be creative. Bathroom d├ęcor has come a long way in the last few years, infusing countless bath accessory sets into the mix! Even something as basic as a shower curtain can be used to make an artistic statement. Come up with a theme to help you streamline your decorating efforts and then have fun! Shop online to find a new shower curtain, toothbrush holder, toilet paper cozy—whatever! Make the space your own.

Your Home Spa

A lot of moms like to try to turn their newly cleaned bathrooms (particularly if they don’t have to share the room with kids) into a small home spa. This is a great idea. Add a few aromatherapy candles, invest in some high quality bath salts and, each night give yourself an hour to take a bath and just relax and stop thinking about your daily worries (like how expensive it is to raise kids these days). Because you’ve decorated the room to feel beautiful already, taking the extra “spa-y” steps shouldn’t be too hard or even involve all that much work!

You have to spend hours of your time in there every day. Don’t you want to feel comfortable while you’re in there?


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