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Houston, TX, May 28, 2013 – Most of us have experienced at least one event in our life when we believed a guardian angel must have been watching over us. While we can’t see our guardian angels, the more we accept them as an unseen link to God – the more we are able to feel their presence, love and protection. The inspiration for The Angelic Letters Series by Henry Ripplinger (Pio-Seelos Books) came from a true and miraculous event in the author’s life; an event which he now refers to as ‘the angelic occurrence,’ that haunted him for years but later became the dynamic force that moved him to write his bestselling series.

The Angelic Letters Series is an epic, tenderhearted saga of love, angels and miracles, which is deeply inspiring and laced with pearls of wisdom. It follows the lives of Henry Pederson and Jenny Sarsky from the moment they meet as two fifteen year-olds in 1956, all the way to the present day over a span of six books. Having fallen in love instantly the moment they laid eyes on one another, the two’s dramatic bond is aided along the way by their guardian angels, creating a powerful spiritual connection between them that spans the tests of time.

While it is this spirit-filled love story that weaves and ties the series together, the real essence of the story is the life lessons revealed by its powerful lead characters, especially  Mr. Engelmann − a profoundly wise and endearing, elderly man living out the word of God, who becomes Henry’s mentor and shares powerful insights with him about life. This award-winning series develops into a fifty-year spiritual odyssey that not only reminds readers of the existence of guardian angels but gives them the tools they need to face almost any situation that life throws at them. The Angelic Letters becomes an experience readers will never forget; deeply inspiring and glowing with moments of tenderness, a story that’s difficult to put down – with an ending that only angels could bring about…

A reader’s review beautifully captures Ripplinger’s intent; compelling storytelling that touches the hearts of readers emotionally, intellectually and spiritually: “…Thank you for such a wonderful read… like a warm blanket on a cold night, a meal with friends that one never wants to end, a beacon of light in the dark. I wanted to read and read-but at the same time I did not want the book to end. I fell in love with this book and the people inside. Wonderful. Wonderful!”

Through subtle yet powerful messages throughout the series the author shows how the life choices we make are crucial to our happiness and peace of mind and reminds us how guardian angels are our gift from God to watch over us, and of their untiring solicitudes to God on our behalf. Both author and artist, Henry writes from the heart, painting pictures with words that are so vivid and real that you will feel and visualize every aspect of your own life intertwined with the lives of his beloved characters.

Since the release of The Angelic Letters Series in 2010, Henry Ripplinger has enjoyed phenomenal success and his books have won numerous awards. Pewter Angels, book one, has won two Gold Medals; the  Gold Medal Independent Publishers Book Award (IPPY) for Best Fiction in the Religious Category and in 2011 a second Gold Medal in the Living Now Book Awards for Most Inspirational Book of the Year. Another Angel of Love, book two, won the Silver Medal IPPY Award for Best Fiction in the Religious Category in 2012 and book three, Angel Of Thanksgiving, became a bestseller in less than two months of its release. All three books are bestsellers and readers anxiously await the fourth in the series, The Angelic Occurrence, being released May 1.

Henry Ripplinger’s vast abilities, combined with his lifelong experience and eclectic career as a high school teacher, guidance counselor, businessman, professional artist and novelist, prepared him to craft this inspirational Christian romance series and indirectly realize his aspirations of writing a self-development book. For more information on this prolific writer and celebrated artist, please visit his website at:

Books by Henry Ripplinger are available at fine stores, online outlets, eBook and author’s website:

Pewter Angels
$21.95 CDN 978-0-9865424-1-1

Another Angel of Love
$21.95 ISBN: 978-0-9865424-2-8

Angel of Thanksgiving
$21.95 ISBN 978-0-9865424-7-3

The Angelic Occurrence
$21.95 ISBN: 978-0-9917102-2-5


Gail Jansen-Kesslar, SPG Book Reviews: “…While [Ripplinger’s] writings speak of God and of spirituality, you don’t necessarily have to be of the same faith…or belief system, to glean the truths that Ripplinger ends up sharing and teaching…You’ll come away from the read with a set of tools that can help you deal with almost any challenging situation that arises in your own life.”

Excerpts from reader reviews on Pewter Angels:

“…I absolutely loved Pewter Angels! It would be in my top 10 books of all time.”

“…the greatest book I have ever read. A very powerful love story, a story of love and faith, and teaches so many life lessons.”

“…it's been a long time since a book has taken me away on a journey that stimulated so many emotions on so many different levels.”

“…one of the best books I have read and cannot put it down.”


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