DIY Craft Ideas From Country Woman Magazine

Country Woman—the #1 Country Lifestyle Magazine for women who live in or long for the country—has rounded up their best DIY, budget-friendly craft gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Many of the materials you’ll need are likely already laying around the house and Country Woman provides step-by-step directions for each so you can create these gifts with ease.

·         Mommy & Me Apron: DIY crafts like this one make a great gift for Mom and her little helper. Sew matching hobby aprons with customized pocket sizes to hold a pen, scissors or whatever you need close at hand. For a full list of materials and instructions, please visit: And if you’re thinking ahead for Father’s Day, sew aprons in waterproof vinyl or rugged denim, with ties of the same fabric.

·         Upcycled Painted Jar Vases: Cute glass jar crafts are easy on the eyes and your wallet! Simply decorate glass jars with a little paint and imagination and you can beautify most any cast-off glass container-from flea market bottles to jam jars. Mom will love the whimsical vases, plus they add a splash of color to any room. For more details, please visit:

·         Keepsake Photo Album: To make mommy dearest teary eyed this year, craft a photo album with your favorite images. You can make it out of card stock and foam board. Make sure the camera’s not too far when you give it to her, the album will create instant memories you’ll want to capture. For a full list of materials and instructions:

·         Sentimental Photo Jewelry: The only thing better than a photo album, is a photo album combined with trinkets! Craft adorable necklaces or bracelets with photos for Mom this year. She’ll be able brag to all her friends every time she wears these eye-catching accessories. For more details and jewelry options, please visit:


Painted Birdhouse Photo Frame: Does Mom have a green thumb? Make her this garden must-have, a home crafted miniature birdhouse, decorated with scrapbook paper and paint. She’ll love the perfectly placed spot to perch a precious picture and want to showcase her new garden tool immediately. For more details, visit:


·         Clothespin Message Board: Focused on the gift and forgot about the card? This craft can serve for both. Craft this message board using clothespins to create a simple way to display important messages and memories. This is certainly the most unique way to wish your favorite lady a happy day. For more instructions:


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