Friday, March 29, 2013

Sid The Science Kid: The Movie Viewing

"Science in the house" as we watched Sid the Science Kid: The Movie. There was an encore performances today and again on March 31 and Goddess and I watched it under a big comforter because I cannot warm up today.

We have been big Sid fans since 2008 when we caught this colorful show one morning on PBS. We loved that it was about science and the kids did quite a few experiments because of Sid and the gang. They love everything about him and we still have the Sid Microphone see our videos here.

In this movie, Sid and Gabrielle entered their science experiment into a competition and won as Junior Investigators. They travel with Sid's grandma (who is always up for an adventure) to meet Yangyang and Niuniu who also won in the older division for first time viewing of a new science museum run by a scientist voiced by Christoper Lloyd!

Goddess and I loved the movie version of Sid the Science Kid although we both mentioned we were missing some of the songs we always hear on the show. 
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Disclaimer: We also received a complimentary Screener for our honest review.

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