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Did you know that Aristotle (384-322 BC) is often referred to as the father of marine biology?  Aristotle is the first to record observations on marine life, and identified a variety of species including crustaceans, echinoderms, mollusks, and fish.  However, until submarines were invented, it was almost impossible to explore the deep ocean.  Today, submarines are used by marine biologists to collect samples, take videos and observe sea life in ways that humans would not be able to do!  Marine biologists are able to work at depths of several hundred meters for hours in these special submarines!

There is so much to discover under water.  Just recently in December 2012, a giant, marine reptile that roamed the seas around 150 million years ago was identified as a new species.  The animal, now named Pliosaurus funkei spanned about 40 feet, had a massive 6.5 foot long skull and a bite as powerful as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

We wonder what Buddy would think of that?! 

On February 18, Buddy and everyone’s favorite Pteranodon family will dive into an underwater adventure in “Submarine Adventure.” The one-hour program will feature four new stories about sea creatures that lived during the “Age of Dinosaurs.” Preschoolers will meet new friends along the way – from Otto Ophthalmosaurus to Archelon turtles – as they learn about natural science, natural history and paleontology. And if you miss it, both full episodes and clips from “Submarine Adventure” will be available on the PBS KIDS Video Player at PBSKIDS.org/video and on the free PBS KIDS Video App beginning February 19!
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For Kids ages 2 to 5, (but my 7&9 year old love it too) these games help kids build key math skills, including comparing heights and lengths, using units of measurements, sorting, classification, volume and distance.

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