Music Video: My Daddy Is A Superhero

Jan. 14, 2013


Internationally Charting Dance Artist Channing Banks Builds on Mission to Deliver Music that’s Fun and Educational for Kids and Cool for Adults

Newly created APP to follow soon!

"Top 10 Things for Bratlings: Really great kids music that doesn't drive me insane. ... I enjoyed this woman's style" - Mumfection Mommy Blog

Building on her mission to keeping things fun and educational for kids and cool for adults with her revolutionary debut children’s album, ROCK MY ABCs, veteran international dance artist and teacher CHANNING BANKS has tapped into the classic comic book era to create the music video for the first single, “MY DADDY IS A SUPERHERO.
Premiering this week, the stylishly fun video has a 1950s comic book vibe that intersperses original home video of Channing’s two young children and her “superhero” husband-daddy. As a child in love with her own father, Channing has become a great believer in the importance of both parents in child-raising, and a great admirer of the superhero image that both sons and daughters have for their fathers.

"The dad's role for young kids is just so special,” says the California native, who has long since settled in Italy to raise her family and continue her music career as it branches into the children’s arena. “They are idolized and seemingly untouchable, they are seen as the strongest, the smartest, the most of everything for their kids.  My dad was always my superhero, and I think that the superhero image that children have of their dads is really just so cool."

ROCK MY ABCs combines Channing’s accomplished pop sensibility and background in education to create one-of-a-kind pop music for children and their parents. As a respected dance artist/singer overseas with charted hits and a school teacher for a decade, Rock My ABCs was a natural progression. Not only is it educational, but it’s just plain fun to listen to.

The Mommy blog Mumfection named ROCK MY ABCs in its “Top 10 Things for Bratlings,” calling it “really great kids music that doesn't drive me insane. … I enjoyed this woman’s style.”

The video team for “MY DADDY IS A SUPERHERO” was carefully chosen to create a viewing experience that stands out in the children's music market. Channing collaborated with Elisa Seravalli and Ivan Olgiati of Articolture (, one of Italy's most respected independent film makers, to create a music video that’s original, fun and fantastic.

“It’s a tribute to all the Daddys out there,” says Channing.‘MY DADDY IS A SUPERHERO’ is a great way to entertain kids while reminding fathers why they have such a special place in our hearts.”

Channing originally made ROCK MY ABCs as a present for her son’s first birthday, but it turned out to be a gift that kept giving. Feedback from fellow parents was so overwhelmingly positive, it led Channing to make it available to the rest of the world. Currently available on iTunes, CD Baby and most digital download destinations, by the spring, ROCK MY ABCs will also be available through Walmart and Toys R Us.

In addition to the arrival of the album and first music video, an APP is being created as a ROCK MY ABCs sound puzzle that uses letters of the alphabet. Channing has succeeded in accomplishing her goal, as ROCK MY ABCs certainly appeals to children from the 2-7 year age range … and grownups, too. As she points out, "I really enjoy that my kids and I can listen to my CD in the car all the time. My daughter knows all of the songs!"

With the release of Rock My ABCs, parents will once again have fun and educational music that they can share - and most importantly, enjoy – with their children.

Channing plans to tour behind ROCK MY ABCs, with a full production by the end of the year.

"It's a really fun project,” says Channing, “and we're looking really to make it a full project for kids and parents."

Visit CHANNING BANKS and ROCK MY ABCs online at:


Elisa Cárdenas said...

Hello! I have just watched your video of My Daddy is a Superhero. I was watching it with my niece and newphew who absolutely adored it. I would love to teach it to my K3 students for this comming Fathers Day, though I cannot find the lyric on your page. Could you please send them to me. It would be fantastic. My email is and my name is Elisa.
Thank you and congratulations for a wonderful job!!

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