Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking for New Artists? Mother of Two Sings Like An Angel

Debut Solo Album, “REFLECTIONS” contains original songs
that explore lifelong influences
Singer-songwriter Candice Night, who has been delighting audiences around the world for over 15 years as the vocalist for Blackmore's Night, the Renaissance-rock band which she formed with her husband the legendary rock guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, has released her debut solo album.  Called REFLECTIONS, the new CD of original songs has been a long time in coming, with the recording taking place in between Blackmore’s Night’s international commitments and the birth of singer’s two young children.
The ethereal vocal delivery that has become a trademark with Blackmore's Night is still prevalent on REFLECTIONS, but the music has a more contemporary feel.  Lifelong influences of folk, pop and country music are evident throughout.  "I am always getting new ideas,” says Candice Night.  “When I had my two babies, I thought it would be difficult finding the time to write, but my children are so inspirational to me that the lyrics and music continuously flow.  I am constantly inspired by nature, the magic and beauty of things that are around us all the time but many don't even see."
For Candice, a desire to expand her songwriting became important to her.  “I believe that music takes you on the journey, not that you lead the way,” she explains.  “It’s more of a spiritual and cathartic experience, and you don't really know which way you're going with it until you come out the other side because you are so caught up in the actual journey itself.  If you can surrender to the music and let it guide you, then the journey is a very emotional one.”  
Often compared to the vocal prowess of Stevie Nicks and the haunting sensitivity of Karen Carpenter, Night's talents transcend boundaries on REFLECTIONS.  She explores territory that is likely to be untouched by Blackmore's Night, especially in catchy, radio friendly numbers like "Gone Gone Gone" and the lively dance of the electronic "Dangerous Smile,"  “That was one of the reasons I called the CD REFLECTIONS,” she explains, “because each song  is a true reflection as to where I was at any point on time.”  The video for the song “Black Roses” features her now two-year-old daughter Autumn in a cameo role.  The Blackmores also have a 10-month-old baby son named Rory.
Candice Night met Ritchie Blackmore at a soccer game in 1989 when she was an intern at a New York radio station and the guitarist was still providing hard rock riffs for Deep Purple.  Since then, she has received numerous awards and gold records for her songwriting efforts with Blackmore.  In Blackmore's Night, she has become an adept instrumentalist, playing medieval instruments as unique as the shawm and the rauschpfeife.  Night has also appeared as guest vocalist on recordings by such artists as Helloween, Glenn Hughes and even William Shatner.  
Ritchie Blackmore was uninvolved in REFLECTIONS, giving Candice the space to indulge in her own creativity.  However, her husband will always be an inspiration to her.  "He has taught me so much," she explains.
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