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Get Ready To Show off Your Jewelry In The Best Way Possible


We love it when Woman create something that can change lives.  I remember when I first got my engagement ring. Showing it off was mandatory and making sure it was sitting on my finger perfectly meant I had to adjust it front and center before I showed it off.  Looking at it now, it is always off a bit sometimes with the diamond almost between my two fingers. Things are about to change.
THINK: Fabulous looking jewelry that stays perfectly in place.  
WHAT THEY ARE: Effective, innovative “fashion fixes” that make your jewelry look – and feel – fabulous, while also giving you the peace of mind to wear it all the time. Transform all of your jewelry into utterly blingtastic pieces with BlingGuard, the breakthrough solutions that ensure your dazzling accessories look their very best. Created by Jenny Moore, BlingGuard was born to solve Jenny’s real-life dilemma of her engagement ring not sitting perfectly on top of her finger, even after a professional fitting. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a graduate or a gift-giver surprising your loved one with a sparkling memento, BlingGuard is the must-have innovation for showcasing and protecting your most beloved pieces, from rings to earrings.

An indispensable part of your jewelry routine, the USA-born-and-made  

BlingGuard Collection Includes:

BlingWraps: Whether he’s put a ring on it or you’ve treated yourself to a gorgeous gift, keep your stunning stones on top, and stop them from turning, twisting or slipping off your finger with these easy-to-use, transparent and disposable wraps. Designed with a patented, contoured bridge created by a talented team of engineers and scientists, this hypoallergenic, latex-free band adds 1 plus ring sizes to your finger and forms an invisible “padlock” to hold your rings in place. One size fits most ring sizes, and its transparent, matte finish blends so seamlessly and comfortably around your finger that you’ll forget it’s even there. With just the wrap of a simple band, your rings look beautiful, and you have the confidence to wear them all the time.

BlingDots: Put your best bling forward, and don’t let those eye-catching earrings droop. Whether you’re rocking a glam set of chandelier earrings, classic hoops or elegant studs, BlingDots hold your earrings in place – right where they belong – all day and all night. Easy to apply, these discreet and disposable earring backs relieve the weight and pressure of your pierced earrings, while positioning them perfectly on your ears. Created with a cushiony-soft hypoallergenic foam

BlingDots won’t irritate skin – they use a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a post-hugging grip to position earrings face forward while adding extra security when you wear them. Women with stretched earring holes can now wear pierced earrings with comfort and confidence, and those who once needed clip-ons to wear heavier earrings can once wear pierced earrings. Forget tugging, pulling or tilting – your earrings will ride high and look better than ever before.

WHAT THEY COST: BlingWraps, $14.99 (set of 30); BlingDots, $14.99 (45 pairs)

AVAILABILITY: www.blingguard.com

I had a chance to talk to inventor Jenny Moore, here is some of our conversation:


Please tell us about yourself:
I am a very lucky lady!  I am the proud mother of two, a wife and an entrepreneur.  My little ones are 3 and 5 - Parker and Penelope - and they keep me very busy.  For the last two years I have added the role of entrepreneur to my busy life and am thrilled to be building a business.

Tell us about BlingGuard:
BlingGuard is a company that was created based off on my true life experience of my engagement ring not fitting perfectly.  BlingGuard is a problem solution brand that offers consumers innovative fashion-fixes that make your jewelry look and feel fabulous.  They also add an extra layer of security so that you have peace of mind to wear your best pieces all the time. Our products are available at Bendel's and other fine boutiques and at blingguard.com

How did you come up with the idea?
In 2005, my boyfriend took me to Tiffany & Co.in New York City. We were greeted by the store manager and led to a private room with a table set with 2 glasses of champagne and breakfast. A few minutes later my boyfriend proposed! As I admired my beautiful ring I noticed it kept twisting on my finger. The jeweler placed two small bearing balls on the inside, but it was still loose and turning on my finger - and I was worried that I would lose it.  I just knew there had to be a better way.

How does it work?
BlingWraps are technologically advanced invisible ring guards. This innovative solution helps keep jewelry from twisting, turning or sliding by adding 1+ ring sizes to your finger. BlingWraps use a patented "padlock" design that is invisible and fits securely beneath your ring to keep it in place.

BlingDots are earring supports and stabilizers that perfectly positioned your earrings and make them more comfortable.  The hypoallergenic foam provides comfort and support to your ear lobes – while lifting the earrings up on your ears.  Earrings no longer droop or fall forward. Best of all, BlingDots relieve the weight of the earrings and help stop your ear lobes from stretching -ultimately keep your ears looking fabulous.

Are they reusable?
BlingDots and BlingWraps are both disposable and can be worn up to two days.

What advice do you have for moms who want to start their own business?
 I would tell them that anything is possible. I had the idea for BlingWraps over five years ago.  In the meantime, I got married and had two children - and life took over.  But here, I am five years later - making it happen. 

Thanks so much Jenny! You rock!

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