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Like Cake Pops? How About 175 Recipes For Cake Pops


175 Best Babycakes® Cake Pops Recipes ~ The biggest and most wildly popular baking sensation since Babycakes® cupcakes! It was on Today Show’s ‘recommended gifts for holidays’ 2011! Decorating ideas for holidays, weddings, birthdays. Smaller portions control the amount of sweets consumed. Kathy Moore & Roxanne Wyss are recipe developers and food experts based in Kansas City.

With the invention of the Babycakes™ Cake Pop Maker, an ingenious and wildly popular appliance category has taken the retail marketplace by storm, and its popularity is only expected to increase as news, reviews and word spread. It allows the home baker to make fun and delicious cake pops quickly and easily in just minutes.

These delightful and creative recipes have been created specifically for use in this appliance and feature chapters on cake pop classics, decorating and dips, cake pop favorites, desserts and sweets, glazes, dips and fillings, donuts, Ebelskivers (traditional Danish pancakes -- a cross between American pancakes and a popover), muffins, appetizers, savory nibbles and show stoppers which are ideal for parties and gifts and come with gorgeous presentations and packaging suggestions.
Enjoy creating such delights as:
  • Red Velvet Cake Pops, Brownie Pops, Peach Cobbler Balls
  • Apple Pie Donuts, Beignets, Lemon Blueberry Ebelskivers
  • Buffalo Chicken Balls, Jalapeno Cheese Pocket Breads
  • Champagne Balls, Fourth of July Balls, Halloween Eyeballs
There's even a gluten-free and vegan section.

Also included are extensive and easy-to-follow decorating tips and techniques for everything from rustic to fancy cake pops as well as theme decorating ideas for occasions from Valentine's Day to weddings and birthdays.

The 411 by Maria:
While I don't have a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker yet, I loved this book! There are so many cake pops ideas that I wish I had the money to run out and buy one right now!

Not only does this book cover the Cake Pop dessert recipes and there are tons that will make you drool like Cheesecake Surprise,Thin Mint Cake Pops and Mojito Cake Pops but there are also savory appetizer Cake Pops like Crab Cake Bites, Pizza Cake Bites and Cajun Cornbread Pops.

This book has something for everyone and you will be surprised with how easy the recipes are while you make over the top Cake Pops which will have everyone thinking you had a professional make them for you.

Look at these Romantic Rose Cake Pops! Beautiful.


Pink and white candy melts
20 to 24 Princess Cake Pops 20 to 24

White sugar pearls

12 cake pop sticks 12
1 pastry bag or squeeze bottle, fitted with a fine tip 1

Strong craft glue, suitable for glass
2 glass candlesticks (about 4 inches/10 cm tall) 2
1 china dinner plate 1
1 china soup bowl or salad plate 1
1 china sugar bowl or cup 1

Light green tulle

Styrofoam block (at least 3 inches/7.5 cm cubed)
12 feet green ribbon (1⁄8 to 1⁄4 inch/3 to 5 mm wide) 360 cm

Pearl strings


  1. Melt 1⁄4 cup (60 mL) pink candy melts and use to attach sticks to 6 cake pops. Freeze cake pops for at least 15 minutes to set. Reserve the remaining candy melts. Repeat with white candy melts, attaching sticks to 6 cake pops (8 to 12 cake pops will not have sticks).
  2. Add 1 cup (250 mL) pink candy melts to those left in the cup and melt until smooth. Coat the cake pops secured with pink candy melts. Set in a cake pop stand to dry. Using the fork tool, dip half of the cake pops without sticks and place them on a wire rack set over a sheet of foil or waxed paper to dry.
  3. Add 1 cup (250 mL) white candy melts to those left in the cup and melt until smooth. Coat the cake pops secured with white candy melts and immediately sprinkle with sugar pearls. Set in the stand to dry. Using the fork took, dip the remaining cake pops without sticks and place them on the rack to dry.
  4. Reheat pink candy melts, adding more as needed. Use the pastry bag to pipe a swirl in a tight circle on top of each pink cake pop (with and without sticks) to resemble a rose bud. Set cake pops with sticks in the stand to dry. Set cake pops without sticks on the rack to dry.
  5. Use craft glue to glue one candlestick to the bottom of the dinner plate to form a large pedestal. Glue the other candlestick to the bottom of the soup bowl to form a smaller pedestal. Let both dry.
  6. Place the small pedestal on top of the large pedestal. Place the sugar bowl on top of the small pedestal. If necessary for stability, glue everything together. Decoratively arrange tulle over the bottom two pedestal layers.
  7. Measure the dimensions of the sugar bowl and trim the Styrofoam to fit snugly and be about 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter than the bowl. Place Styrofoam in the bowl.
  8. Cut ribbon into twelve 7-inch (17.5 cm) lengths (there will be ribbon left over). Tie a bow around each cake pop stick. Slide bows up to just below cake pops. Push the cake pop sticks into the Styrofoam, arranging the roses at different heights. Fill in around cake pops with small pieces of tulle, hiding the Styrofoam.
  9. Arrange the cake pops without sticks in the tulle on the middle and bottom layers. Cut the remaining ribbon into 8-inch (20 cm) lengths and tie small bows with long tails. Arrange the bows next to the cake pops so that the ribbon flows off the plates. Drape pearl strings around the cake pops on the bottom two layers.
It looks especially dramatic to place just one cake pop without a stick on one side of the middle layer, positioned beside a bow with especially long tails. Inexpensive glass candlesticks and individual pieces of china can often be found at thrift stores, flea markets and estate sales. Even mismatched pieces can combine for an attractive look. You can substitute tiered glass cake pedestals in graduated sizes for the china and candlesticks. To complement this centerpiece, fill matching teacups with additional cake pops on sticks, decorated to match the large arrangement, and set the teacups around the room. Make enough cake pops so that each guest can eat one at the party and take one home as a favor. Capture the days of wine and roses. For a beautiful evening, begin with a Romantic Roses centerpiece, then serve a bottle of Champagne, Prosecco or your favorite wine in your best wineglasses. Pure romance. 
I received a complimentary copy from Robert Rose

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