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Get Summer Ready with Essentrics

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 Gain the Ultimate Body With Two New Fitness DVDs
 Essentrics™ “Strength & Stretch In Motion” &
 “Essentrics™ Class of 2012”
Fitness Secret to the Pros
New York, N.Y., May 24, 2012 – What do actors, models, pro-athletes and Olympians all have in common?  Many are avid fans of Essentrics™, the ultimate fitness routine that rapidly transforms the shape of your body and improves your health in a seemingly effortless workout.  Now, with the release of two new Essentrics™ DVDs, “Stretch & Strength in Motion” and “Essentrics™ Class of 2012”, this high-gain, low-pain workout is available for home use by women and men of all fitness levels.

Essentrics™ is a unique program set to music that brings quick results through the fluid combination of strengthening and stretching.  It will develop long, lean, strong and flexible muscles with immediate changes to posture.  Devotées say the program goes beyond changing the way their body looks:  It also changes the way they feel in their body.  After each 25-minute workout, fans feel energized, positive and healthy.

Essentrics™ breaks many of the traditional beliefs about exercise.  “Two of the greatest misconceptions about exercising are that if it’s not painful while you are doing it, and you are not sore immediately after or the next day, then it couldn’t be working,” states Essentrics™ creator, Sahra Esmonde-White.  “Exercising doesn’t have to be painful and exhausting to be effective.”

Aimed at both men and women, the new Stretch & Strength In Motion DVD consists of four 25-minute workouts that provide options to strengthen, lean and tone muscles or to condition for sports. The 25-minute workouts consist of two strength segments (full-body, core, and legs) and two stretch segments (shoulders, upper back, hamstrings, and hips).

The second DVD, Essentrics™ Class of 2012, is based on the most popular 60-minute class that does everything from sculpt lean abs and thighs and tone arms to stretching every muscle in the body.  All of the programs have been designed to lengthen and tone the muscles while relieving tension.

Essentrics™ is based on The Esmonde Technique, a fitness program created by Miranda Esmonde-White, former ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada, who has hosted her own fitness TV-show on PBS for 12 years. The technique is designed to create a fundamental level of fitness that enables people to be fully active without putting strain on their bodies.

To maintain a perfect balance, Essentrics™ is a workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening into every class; the result is a balance of functional strength and flexibility.  Workouts that are designated as “Stretch” workouts remain true to the technique and combine both strength and flexibility with slightly more emphasis on flexibility (60% stretch and 40% strength). “Toning” programs consist of just the opposite -- 60% strength and 40% stretch. Each program works ALL the muscles in the body.

The new DVDs are hosted by Essentrics™ co-creator Sahra Esmonde-White, personal trainer to international models, actresses, NHL players and Olympians alike. To view clips of the new Essentrics™ program as well as to purchase the new workout DVDs, visit the Essentrics™ website at  The DVDs are priced at $19.95 and $34.95.

For more information regarding the Esmonde Technique or the new Essentrics™ workouts, contact Janet Bartucci or Joan Brower, Principals at The Dilenschneider Group.

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  1. Good informative article. I am quite clued up on healthy eating but there were a few tips here that I didn't know about and will certainly be trying out. Thanks


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