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Planning A Summer Vacation? Read This Book Before You Go! + AN EBOOK GIVEAWAY FOR KINDLE


Hollywood Provocateur with New Book Daring Readers to Be Aware During Summer Travel Season – Jaws May Still Be Lurking … Deadly Vacations

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and based on the titles of his books I need to get to reading. Time is a wasting. He is an award-winning, best-selling independent author/publisher of over 10 non-fiction and fiction works. His first Amazon chart-topper “Where’s My F***ing Latte?” instigated an exposé on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD about celebrity assistants [click on highlighted areas for video of Nemcoff]. Among others that followed: “PISSED OFF Is Better Than Being Pissed On,” “Admit You Hate Yourself,” and “Go Forth and Kick Some Ass.” He even wrote the first book about “The Killing of Osama Bin Laden,” and his newest may land Nemcoff in the middle of a DATELINE investigation.
This new book dares readers “to be aware” during the summer traveling season, and reveals shocking stories of unfortunate accidents and murderous outcomes experienced by the unsuspecting general traveling public such as:
  • The 8-year old boy sucked into an unprotected pool drain at a major resort, leaving his mother crying out his name as security staff held her at gunpoint.
  • And the 22-year old denied proper medical care after being pulled unconscious from a Cancun resort pool, only to have his dead body left in plain view for hours and his parents billed for his room.
Despite the title Fatal Sunset: Deadly Vacations, Nemcoff claims his newest book is not meant to do for vacations what ‘Jaws’ did for beaches. It is not a book to scare anyone from traveling, only meant as a “buyer beware” because “people on vacation tend to engage in riskier activities than they are normally used to. Hence, the parasailing newlywed who plummeted hundreds of feet to her death on the last day of her honeymoon when her harness snapped in mid-air.

Now that the warm weather is upon us and summer vacations are in the preparation stage, we thought this was a good time to share with your readers Nemcoff's cautionary tales along with a few safe travel tips featured below.  To note: Nemcoff caters to the mainstream new media marketplace. Fatal Sunset: Deadly Vacations, however, debuted earlier this month the old-fashioned way, in paperback. It also immediately jumped to #2 on the bestselling Amazon list for travelogues.

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Nemcoff’s Top Ten ‘Dare to Be Aware’ Safe Travel Tips:

Tip 1: Never assume you have the same rights, protections and access to emergency services in other countries as you do in your own

Tip 2: Take the time to check out any attractions your children may use before you leave them unsupervised

Tip 3: Always let someone know where you're going and how long you'll be gone. If you're on a trip, make sure someone in your party knows when you'll be back and check in with them if those plans change

Tip 4: Don't assume that video cameras are there to protect you - They are only there to protect the interests of the property owners who may have a different agenda when it comes to revealing what those cameras have seen

Tip 5: Just because there isn't a warning sign, doesn't mean there isn't danger - Use your common sense and/or double check your plans with someone who knows the lay of the land

Tip 6: Do your research - Any reputable company offering trips, excursions, tours will have a digital footprint on the Internet. Use Google to search for reviews before you use them

Tip 7: Be suspicious of anyone who takes too much interest in you or your family - If someone you really don't know invites you to join them in an excursion somewhere, don't be afraid to turn them down. There are worse things than offending someone who you will probably never see again

Tip 8: If going out of the country, check for government issued travel advisories for your destination. If the state department says someplace is unsafe, take heed

Tip 9: Being on vacation doesn't turn you into Superman - Don't try doing anything that may be more physically involved than something you would do at home

Tip 10: Always listen and be kind to your flight attendant - He or she has much more experience than you in dealing with onboard emergencies and situations. Their help could save your life!

The 411 by Maria:

Wow! This is some read. We have only been on 2 vacations in our lives and one being our honeymoon and both before kids. The scary part is that this is not fiction. These stories are real and really scary.  The books reads wonderfully. From one accident to the next you don't have time to recover or think too much about any of the deaths because you are totally engrossed  in the next one.

Everyone needs to read this book. Besides the blatant cover ups, this is a lesson in something I tell my kids all the time. Accidents are cold accidents because you didn't know they could happen. Be aware especially when you are on vacation. Don't forget that vacation doesn't mean virtual, fantasy world as we may feel when we get away. There are real dangers and anything can happen. Oh and travel with a buddy even if you are just leaving your room to go to the ice machine! Danger lurks! BE AWARE

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: I received a complimentary digital copy of this book to facilitate this review. non monetary compensation was received. The sponsor will be fulfilling the giveaway copy.

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