Friday, March 16, 2012

Check Out Let It Slide by Casey Shea

“Sublime combination of wry, insightful lyrics and simply perfect songcraft.”



CASEY SHEA goes above and beyond for his newest video for “Let It Slide,” which premiered on RELIX this Friday. A captivating and intriguing video that will have you on the edge of your seat, with a twist at the end you won’t soon forget. Inspired by the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, Shea wanted to make sure he could get the shooting scene as accurate as he could. This involved taking lessons of not only learning how to shoot a gun, but put one together as well. Anyone who says CASEY SHEA lacks dedication is dead wrong. For the video, he did some intense homework.

Shea says of making the video "Learning to put the gun together was a pretty cool experience.  We went to Weapons Specialists, Ltd. here in New York, and there was a huge room filled with replica guns, knives, nun-chucks, rocket launchers.  You name it, they had it.  We had a great guy who was very knowledgeable about everything gun related.  He showed me a wide range of things like how to put it together, a few different ways a sniper would hold it, how your body would react to actually taking a shot, and even gave us tips like "make sure you don't stick the rifle out of the window, cause a sniper would want to keep himself as concealed as possible. I had fired a real gun before a while back.  A friend of mine took me to a shooting range when I was in college.  I was amazed at how powerful the recoil's pretty intense."

Director and Family Records label head Wesley Verhoeve who came up with the idea for the video says, "The concept for the video was accidentally and simultaneously influenced by both Oliver Stone and Marc Maron (a comedian). I have been obsessed with Stone's JFK movie ever since I was a child and had it on in the background while I was listening to an episode of Marc Maron's WTF Podcast, another obsession of mine. During an interview Marc and his guest were riffing on an improv sketch idea and while I listened to that I also watched JFK, and my brain created a strange amalgamation. I then wrote it out, took a different side road, and the result was this idea. In the end it didn't really have anything to do with Marc Maron anymore, but still clearly hints at the historical events surrounding JFK."

"Let It Slide," was shot in the financial district and in Fresh Meadows, Queens. Real life models and couple, Pierce Taylor and Mallory June, go for a ride on a beautiful autumn day, unaware that they are in for any danger. The haunting video is an eerie reminder of the JFK shooting, but with a striking and important turn of events.

Casey never imagined a video like this for the song but upon being approached about the idea, he really liked it.  "I've always been a bit fascinated with the Kennedy assassination.  All the conspiracies, second gunman, magic bullet stuff, so in a way, it was right up my alley," says Shea. “I haven't done too much real acting aside from making music videos.  I have a lot of respect for great actors, cause it really is a hard thing to do well.  I just tried to be as blank faced as possible, not to think too much about it, and let the story do the talking.”


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