Music for Monday

It is a music kinda day after a music filled weekend!
Did you see the Grammys last night?  What did you think?
I am always looking for new bands to listen to. Music has always led me home. I love all kinds of music so whenever I am asked to check out a new band, I do a little happy dance.

See those guys down there playing their instruments in what appears to be a corn field?

They are Man Bites Dog and are from Moscow and have recently released their newest single into the US called Whispers In My Mind.

The infectious piece is filled with catchy melodies, and blazing guitars as singer Cyrill Mukhin, takes you on a musical journey. The entirety of the song has a way of capturing noise and chaos while transforming it into a meaningful story. The main keyboard line in "Whispers in My Mind" is actually Angelo Badalamenti's intro to the infamous television show,Twin Peaks.You will find you are intrigued right off the bat.

Known for their vibrant and full- force performances, Man Bites Dog have developed into an established band of four seasoned artists. Man Bites Dog is Cyrill Mukhin (Guitars, Vocals), Anna Kostyukova (Keys), Aloha Obozny (Bass) and Oleg Zanin (Drums). With a sound influenced by 80s and 90s American underground rock, Man Bites Dog has dominated the scene in their homeland of Russia and are on their way to take over the States.

Forming in 2004, the group have independently released their own music and have made their rounds on the major music festival circuit. The Fall of 2011 saw Man Bites Dog releasing the Safe and Sound EP, alongside the single “Whispers In My Mind.” Be on the lookout for a video in the very near future.

The 411:
I love the hip, quick beat. It makes me want to dance like I did in the 80s. I also love the time changes on the drum beat. While I don't know that it is great lyrically, I do like the title.

To see more of Man Bites Dog visit their website and on Facebook to hear some of their music.


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