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Little Angels 3 DVD Giveaway & Get Crafty For Valentine's Day

Get Crafty for Valentine’s Day!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents LITTLE ANGELS, the fresh, faith-based, animated educational series for children and their parents, available on DVD on February 14. From executive producer Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) comes LITTLE ANGELS, created exclusively for preschool-aged children to teach not only practical learning skills, like ABCs and numbers, but also to introduce them to spiritual, moral and ethical principles in a fun and entertaining way.

The Little Angels are quite the creative bunch and with Valentine's Day on the horizon, why not grab the kids and create some fun arts and crafts? This guide will provide parents with fun and simple ways to create Valentine's Day crafts with their kids, including do it yourself V-day cards and creating your own heart shaped pillows!
Making jewelry from macaroni is both fun and easy, especially for Valentine’s Day! All you need is some rubbing alcohol, red food dye, dry macaroni, some bowls to mix in, and string. Once you’ve mixed the rubbing alcohol and food dye to the perfect shade of Valentine’s red, drop the macaroni in and let it soak until you like the hue. Take the macaroni out of the dye, and let it dry, then use yarn or string to make necklaces, bracelets, crowns, and more for the perfect Valentine’s Day accessory!
 All you need to make extra special homemade Valentine’s Day cards is some colored paper (remember to stock up on red, white and pink!), markers, glue, scissors, and anything you might want to add in (like glitter, beads, candy, etc.). Help your kids cut out heart shapes in their paper, and think of fun sayings to write on the cards. Decorate the cards with fun drawings, or glue on fun treats like lollipops or Sweethearts. These truly custom Valentine’s are both fun to make and receive.
These adorable ornaments are fun and simple to make, and they double as an inexpensive Valentine’s Day decoration! All you need is yarn, cornstarch glue, water, a heart shaped cookie cutter and parchment paper. Firs,t make your cornstarch glue by combining cornstarch and water over medium heat until it is thick and translucent. Once the glue has cooled enough to touch, cut your yarn into foot long piece, and place your cookie cutter on your parchment paper. Then, push a piece of yarn into the cornstarch glue until it’s coated, and then remove any excess glue with your fingers. Next, lay the yarn inside the cookie cutter. Repeat until the cookie cutter is filled with a thin layer of yarn, and then press the yarn flat and gently lift the cookie cutter off and allow the yarn to dry.

These cookies are fun to make and, with a little help from mom and dad, easy for the kids to help with! You need vanilla wafer cookies, peanut butter, melted chocolate chips (both white chocolate and milk chocolate), red and white colored sprinkles, pink and red gummy candies, red, white and pink decorating frosting and lollipop sticks. All you have to do is coat one side of your cookies with peanut butter and place a lollipop stick on top of it, followed by another cookie. Then, dip your cookie stick into your melted chocolate (either white or dark), covering completely. Use the remaining ingredients to decorate! You can roll your cookie pop in sprinkles, write cute phrases on them with frosting, decorate with candy, etc. Once you are finished decorating, place the pops on wax paper and refrigerate until dry.

This craft is well-suited for slightly older kids, or may take a little more participation from mom or dad. To make cute heart shaped pillows, you need fabric of your choice, a needle, thread (in a color that matches your fabric), cotton batting, and straight pins. First, lay your fabric down flat and fold it over twice so that it is doubled up. Next, cut out half a heart shape in your folded fabric (when you open it you should have two hearts that are the same size). Next, lay your hearts together so that the wrong side of the fabric is facing out, and use your straight pins to secure the two pieces of fabric together. Then, stitch around the edges of your hearts until you’re about two inches from closing it. Remove all the pins, and turn your fabric inside out so that the right side is visible. Next, gently stuff your heart with your cotton batting until it is full, and then stitch the opening closed. You can add a bow or lace for an additional, advance touch.

Discover the joy of learning and friendship with this season’s most heavenly new collection!  From executive producer Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) comes the first three volumes of a fresh, fun and inspiring educational series that children and their parents (and grandparents too) can enjoy together in LITTLE ANGELS ABC’s, LITTLE ANGELS ANIMALS, and LITTLE ANGELS 1,2,3’s, soaring onto DVD with Digital Copy February 14 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Roma Downey stated, "For many years I had the privilege of playing an angel on television, bringing a message of God's love to millions of Americans.  As a mother, I have longed to be part of a project that would help to bring that same message to children by not only teaching them the foundations of education - but also providing strong examples of good behavior.  Little Angels does just that.  It offers critical learning skills through the lens of timeless and age appropriate Bible stories. I only wish this series had been available when my kids were younger!"

LITTLE ANGELS is an animated DVD series and has been created for pre-school aged children to teach practical learning skills like ABCs and numbers.  The series is presented in a captivating and entertaining format that will help parents to teach their little angels a big love of learning while also providing hours of fun to enjoy together with exciting DVD extras.

Pre-school twins Alex and Zoe are blessed to have eight Little Angels watching over them – literally!   These Little Angels live on the ceiling of their bedroom, painted there so they are the first things the kids see when they wake up in the morning and the last thing they see before they fall asleep at night.  The angels come to life when the children need them most, helping guide them through the challenges of their young lives.

Featuring a great deal of interactive DVD extras including charming music videos and downloadable activity sheets, plus a downloadable bonus digital copy of each lesson that will allow for learning on the go, the LITTLE ANGELS ABC’s, LITTLE ANGELS ANIMALS, and LITTLE ANGELS 1, 2, 3’s DVDs are a great value moms can feel good about sharing with their little angels.  The DVD series is timed perfectly to be available just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

The Little Angels DVD series is an important part of a whole new franchise of fun, inspiring and educational products including CDs, books, apparel and App. 

• Little Lessons with Roma Downey
• Sing-along Music Videos:
o Easy as ABC
o G-H-I, Me Oh My
o Q to the R to the S
o W-X-Y-Z
• Downloadable Activity Sheets
• Downloadable Digital Copy – for Learning on the Go!
• Spanish Language Track

LITTLE ANGELS Animals Features
• Little Lessons with Roma Downey
• Sing-along Music Videos:
o Adam Gave Them Names
o Noah Built an Ark
o Jonah Was Fish Bait
o Pomegranates, Penguins
• Downloadable Digital Copy – for Learning on the Go!
• Spanish Language Track

LITTLE ANGELS 123’s Features
• Little Lessons with Roma Downey
• Sing-along Music Videos:
o Goliath Didn’t Like Rock Music
o Joshua, Get Those Trumpets Blowin’
o Be Sure to Say Thank You
o All You Can Eat Fish Dinner
• Downloadable Digital Copy – for Learning on the Go!
• Spanish Language Track

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Lightworkers Media
Roma Downey is the President of Lightworkers Media, a production company dedicated to creating positive, uplifting and inspirational entertainment. Ligthworkers’ first animated project, “Little Angels” will be released on DVD nationwide on February 14. Upcoming projects include a 10 hour docudrama, “The Bible,” for The History Channel set to air in 2013. Lightworkers also launched Bible360, a sophisticated interactive app with expert video, photos, HD maps, virtual tours, customizable reading plans, social integrations and more.

About Ideals Publications
Ideals Publications publishes high-quality children’s books for two- to eight-year-olds. Our backlist includes more than 400 titles, covering a wide array of topics, from Bible stories and holidays to early learning, family relationships, and values. In 2000, Ideals was acquired by Guideposts, whose publications include the popular magazines Guideposts and Angels on Earth. The company is a not-for-profit organization founded in the 1940s by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, with the desire to help people from all walks of life achieve their highest potential.

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  1. Homemade Valentine's Day Cards are the greatest. The grandparents love it!

  2. Homemade Valentine's Day Cards are the greatest. The grandparents love it!

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