Saturday, February 11, 2012

Giveaways I Am Entering

Like you guys, I love to enter giveaways. It is a fun, easy way to get some products for nothing. Most of the times it allows me to give gifts to everyone in my family as I stockpile and use them when I need to.

Here are some I entered today:

USB Chargers from Energizer from 2 Boys +1 Girl Equals One Crazy

Nickelodeon Favorites on DVD from Minnesota Mama Must Haves

Books for Teen Boy Giveaway on The Mommy Files

The Smuckers Gift Basket giveaway at The Dirty Shirt

Taboo, Hasbro game from 2 Boys + 1 Girl Equals One Crazy Mom

Pillsbury Prize Pack from 2 Boys + 1 Girl Equals One Crazy Mom

Peaceful Kingdom Board Game from The Dirty Shirt

Arts, Crafts and Laughs Klutz Book Giveaway from The Mommy Files

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale from 2 Boys + 1 Girl Equals One Crazy Mom

Mini Flat Iron Thermal Style Her from 3 Princes and a Princess

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  1. I never thought about giving some as gifts. What a great idea! Thanks! I love giveaways too!


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