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A Turtles Tale: Sammy's Adventures - Review & Giveaway

 Born on a Baja, California beach in 1959, new hatchling Sammy must do what his fellow newborn sea turtles are doing: race across the beach to the ocean before a seagull or crab captures them. Thus begins Sammy’s incredible fifty-year ocean journey. Along the way he meets his best friend, a fellow turtle named Ray, and overcomes obstacles both natural and man-made while trying to fulfill his dream of travelling around the world. Throughout his travels, Sammy never forgets about Shelly – the turtle he saved on his first day and loves passionately from afar. Based on the actual course of a sea turtle’s life, this story of one creature’s breathtaking journey is a thrilling voyage the whole family will enjoy.

The 411: 
A cute movie about the life of a sea turtle and how hard their first few months are.  It is amazing that Sea Turtles make it to the ocean at all with all the seagulls and crabs trying to grab them as lunch. Sammy is grabbed by a seagull, but when his seagull and another turtle's (Shelly) seagull collide in midair sending them both plummeting to earth, they are both lucky to be alive. Landing on a piece of drift wood or some wooded crate Sammy wakes at sea.  Eventually he meets another turtle named Ray and we watch them grow up as they share their floating home. Very sweet ending as they become the saviors of other new hatchlings. 

While I loved the brilliantly colored graphics it was more like The Reef rather than Finding Nemo the story lacked a little something, a little special magic that usually sucks kids in and makes them want to watch over and over again. It is a sweet story and the underlying message is how man is destroying the natural beauty of the underwater world with an oil spill and other man-made catastrophes. However, the animals are very cute and loveable and the kids loved Sammy!

All in all I give it 3 stars for a beautifully done animation and educational value as it does depict the actual Sea Turtles life. It is a family friendly movie and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Turtle's Tale:Sammy's Adventures will be available on DVD, January 3rd 

To Purchase: Amazon has it for $10.79 from StudioCanal and Vivendi Entertainment! 

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this movie from Vivendi Entertainment who is also providing the giveaway copy. 


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