Friday, January 20, 2012


Social Media Movement Connects Smart Seafood Choices at Home with Responsible Choices for the Ocean –From coast to coast, eight North American ocean conservation organizations have teamed up to launch Be Happy, an online community for seafood-loving families  to put their best fish faces forward, while learning more about sustainable seafood.  When fish are caught or farmed in ways that protect the ocean, that’s something everyone can Be Happy” about. 

Be Happy applications allow Facebook users to pledge support for ocean-friendly seafood and have some fun by uploading pictures of friends and family making funny fish faces, competing for “Fish Face of the Week” honors.  Subscribers can also get easy and delicious ideas for preparing seafood at home, ask questions of sustainable seafood experts, dive into fishy trivia, or simply show off their support with a smile for a cause that keeps families and the oceans happy. 
“We found that our partners all over North America had the same message – your seafood choices matter and can make a positive difference in the world’s oceans. Be Happy was an ideal opportunity to unite with fellow conservation leaders and share information with each other and families in a fun way,” said Kassia Perpich, Sustainable Seafood Manager at the Shedd Aquarium.

Be Happy is a collaboration of eight North American ocean conservation organizations, including:

·      Blue Ocean Institute (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.)
·      David Suzuki Foundation (Vancouver, British Columbia)
·      FishWise (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
·      Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch (Monterey, Calif.)
·      New England Aquarium (Boston)
·      Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise (Canada)
·      SeaChoice (Canada) 
                     Shedd Aquarium (Chicago)

“We want people to Be Happy about their seafood choices,” said Lana Gunnlaugson, National Manager for SeaChoice. “Choosing ocean-friendly seafood is an easy way to ensure we have healthy oceans for generations to come. We’re hoping that people across North America will have fun trying new seafood, while finding creative ways to inspire their friends to make a difference, too.”

To learn more about Be Happy, please visit And, of course, Be Happy!

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