Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Adult Elf On A Shelf Becomes...Elf Off The Shelf

A Christmas Tradition Gone Bad
By Horace the Elf


Each holiday season elves “magically” appear
To the joy of young children both far and near
They sit and watch and tell who’s Naughty and who’s Nice
So St. Nick can write up his list based on their advice

Except this year Mom bought a discount elf
Who’s ill-tempered in the head and tends to crawl off the shelf
He hates his job and knows how to get down,
So you better watch out – Horace is coming to town!

Get ready – somebody’s coming to town, and it ain’t Santa! It’s Horace the Bad Elf, and he’s a disgruntled little helper with a gift for making some SERIOUS yuletide mischief.

This Christmas, THE ELF OFF THE SHELF: A Christmas Tradition Gone Bad (Adams Media, a division of F+W Media, October 2011) shows what happens when one elf gets OFF that shelf – and into big-time trouble!

From getting into the eggnog, to trying to bed Barbie, to switching your kid’s Christmas wish from the toy train to that gory zombie video game he would want, Horace’s AWOL antics could ruin the holidays for everyone!


It’s the hilarious Christmas book about a naughty little elf – for grownups! Whether readers loved The Elf on the Shelf or think the concept is downright creepy – everyone will get a kick out of this new hardcover holiday parody, complete with four-color photos set to verse.


Horace has been a professional elf for more than 250 years. Before being sent out to spy on and judge small children, he worked the assembly line in Santa's Workshop. He currently lives in his mother's basement in the North Pole, although he's hoping with the residuals from this story he can finally buy a place of his own.

For more The Elf off the Shelf, check out the website and Horace’s Twitter handle: @elfofftheshelf.

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The  411
I am a huge fan of parodys and this did not disappoint. This year, my friends have all been talking about their Elf on A Shelf. Them and their kids are having a blast with  it. My kids just today asked for one. Hopefully I can get one on clearance this year for next. We shall see.

Imagine what your elf does when you are not around. Well, Horace drinks the spiked egg nog, tries to get in bed with Barbie, friends a nutcracker and tells him he has the worst job (why would you put nuts in your mouth?) Becomes a cat toy and hates his name all before high tailing it out of the house and heading for somewhere nice! 

This is fun book and makes a great gift especially if you have an Elf on the Shelf in your family. The adults will secretly chuckle when they think about their elf!

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