Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dove Movement for Self Esteem

Dove® Movement for Self-Esteem | I PLEDGE TO BUILD SELF-ESTEEM IN GIRLS

Dove Self-Esteem Weekend is next weekend October 21st - 23rd!
What is Self-Esteem Weekend?
This is a weekend where you give of one thing...your a special young girl in your life. She doesn't have to be your daughter, or even a family member. Maybe it is a friend's daughter, a little girl you know from church or a little girl from your neighborhood.

Dove believes that by encouraging girls to establish a positive relationship with beauty, we can help them reach their full potential.

Head over to the Dove site and see all of the wonderful resources for girls 8-108 (of all ages).
There you will find tool kits and activities to share and make your time together even more special. Giving girls the tools they need early to work through the complications and low self esteem moments that we all have had, is crucial to navigating this life.

Beauty All Around You Using a camera, video recorder or both, take an expedition and capture all of the beautiful things you’re thankful for in people, places, nature, anything! Then, create a slideshow or movie for a feel-good film you can pop in whenever she needs a little boost.

Girls in the Lead Let the girl in your life teach you a new skill. Try doing a project together like jewelry making or pottery, or ask her to show you how to do something you normally wouldn’t, like play video games or learn to text.

Make a pledge today!

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