Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Fire Drills Can Save A Life + Help Your Local Fire Department Wiin A Grant

Schools and businesses practice periodic fire drills, why stop there? Protect the people you love the most by holding Fire Drills in your house, apartment, and hotel room.
October 1st is National Family Fire Drill Day! This annual celebration was started last year by Liberty Mutual, Walt Disney World along with the Reedy Creek Fire Department.
Did you know that

Nearly 40 percent of parents have never discussed or created a fire escape plan with their children 

Only 28 percent of parents with children under the age of 12 say their kids have ever had a fire drill at home

61 percent of parents who haven’t developed a family escape plan say it simply hasn’t occurred to them to do so

88 percent say their kids have had an in-school fire drill, but escaping from a classroom in orderly, single-file fashion is far different from when an alarm goes off in your home, possibly in the middle of the night
Take the 10 question fire safety pledge quiz and find out  if you know the basics. This isn't only important to your safety it you can help your local fire department and firefighters. How?
From now through October 31st by taking this quiz your local fire department and your local firefighters could be one of ten departments to receive $10,000 from Liberty Mutual.
Helping your local fire department is easy!
  1. Take The Quiz.  Take our 10 question quiz to test your fire safety smarts!
  2. Credit Your Local Fire Department.  Search for your local fire department in our database.
  3. Rally Support.  Spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors because this is based on community participation! 
Help those you love and those who help you.

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