Friday, September 10, 2010

Get Discovered

Do you know a talent teen who has always wanted to be a star?

When I was a shy little girl, this was my dream too. I wanted to be in Annie on Broadway and be in magazines like my favorite celebrities at the time it was Kristy McNichol and Brooke Shields.

This is a dream of a lot of young girls, well..... if you know someone who can sing, the executive producers of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars are looking for female singers, 16-24 to audition for Talent – a hot new web series debuting early 2011.  Winners will receive a lead role in Talent and a recording contract with Jive Records! Girls can submit their audition videos at through September 28th

It's easy:
1) Choose a song from the song list. Record and upload one song or multiple songs on the list provided. Only one video upload per song will be accepted.
2) Submit your audition video!
3) Vote! Get your friends and family to vote for you by sharing your audition video on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Head over to Talent on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the news on this really exciting project.


  1. I admired Kristy McNichol once too!

  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    This is so cool. How many young girls these days have great voices.


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