Thursday, August 05, 2010

Replacing Your Shower Head? You Seriously NEED a Waterpik!

Thanks to Mom Select, I was given the opportunity to review a Waterpik Easy Select Showerhead

When we purchased our house over 10 years ago there were things we wanted to change but never got around to it. The shower head was one of them. Last Saturday we received a Waterpik Easy Select Showerhead and I couldn't get the box open fast enough. If I open the box, my husband will definitely put 
it up right away right?! He did! Yippy!

Company Information provided by Mom Select:
Since 1962, Water Pik has been committed to developing and manufacturing innovative personal and oral health care products.  They are dedicated to creating products that will not only improve the health and well-being of their consumers, but provide a truly transforming experience.  Water Pik showerheads are designed using their patented OptiFLOW technology, to maximize water pressure by increasing water force by up to 30%! This provides you with an enjoyable shower, so you feel refreshed and invigorated.

The Easy Select ultra sleek design will add style and sophistication to any bathroom.  Installing the showerhead is a quick and easy 3 step process-
it's so simple, your kids can even assist! The five different spray modes allow you to add variety and enjoyment to your shower time.

Water Pik recently completed a survey that discovered "50 percent of moms say they use the shower as a time to escape".

What I Can Tell You:  The Waterpik Easy Select is amazing. My kids love it as much as I do. I have to thank Waterpik for my mending back. No more bending over a tub shampooing the kids hair because now, they demand showers. We all love the Waterpick Easy Select.

Reasons The House Loves Waterpik Easy Select:


"It gives off enough water that when the kids and I come back from the beach, the three of us can stand in the shower to rinse sand and lake water off.

The shower head has a long hose to rinse soap off moody kids, even when they don't want it. It can reach them no matter which corner they want to hide.

I love the spray modes"
  • Full Body Coverage
  • Circular Massage
  • Concentrated Center Powerspray
  • Misting
  • Water Saver

Teach: "I love how high it is. It is the first shower that I don't have to bend under for my head. I never want to get out. Most shower heads hit me in the chest, this one is well above my head."

Handsome: "I like it because, it washes my body and the water comes out faster. It gets the sand off and makes my hair clean."

Goddess: "I like the shower because I feel like a big girl. I now take a shower like Mommy."

See how close it is to the ceiling?!

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Waterpik Easy Select courtesy of Mom Select and Waterpik for my honest opinion.


  1. My shower is out of commission momentarily. It's pretty old and the knob seized to turn it on and off. I am upgrading all my equipment, but have a energy saver showerhead. The problem with those, it usually has no umpfh, and you crave a new one again. I may have to consider a Waterpik. Great review!

  2. That looks like the one that I want... I'll have to look for that for the new house, the long hose looks like it would be perfect for squirming Yorkies, too. TeeHee


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