Friday, April 23, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway - Perfect Gift For Across The Miles - Global Giveaway

We all know how important reading is. The love of reading starts very early in life and hopefully never stops. I must read about 5 books a day to my children and am sad about the day this ends. Kids love being read. They enjoy that they are getting your attention, they love hearing a story and seeing the pictures and they learn so many different things from books.

Now, wouldn't it be fun to have other family members read to them? My father has never read to my kids, my in-laws spend half the year in Spain and my sister-in-law lives California. The relationships that my children have with their family is very important to me.

Imagine how it would feel for military families to be able to have Daddy or Mommy read them a story from across the world?

Parents on business trips, do not need to miss story time every night.

There is such a product that will bridge the gap that some families feel at certain times.

Yesterday I got an email about a website called Readeo. Readeo is a meet and greet site where the child and the family member meets online, they can see and hear each other, they can pick a book and either one can turn the pages. If you can't be together for reading, this IS the next best thing.  
If you have ever tried to put your child on the phone with someone they only talk to once in a while you know that not much gets said. They feel shy if they even do choose to talk. A disembodied voice can only go so far. Readeo will change all of that! I love this idea so much.

Here is the story behind Readeo

The Story Behind Readeo from Readeo on Vimeo.

Here is how it works:

How Readeo Works from Readeo on Vimeo.

Other great features
Extremely user-friendly, Readeo is packed with useful features including:
• Face-to-face story time from anywhere in the world
• Award-winning and popular titles hand-picked for the site by Readeo’s editor
• Personalized “bookshelves”
• A library that is searchable by age, gender and subject matter
• A Book of the Month that is free to all users

What a fabulous idea and a perfect Mother's Day gift. This special offer runs through May 9th. Click the button below to go to the website.

So what do you think? Is this not the perfect gift for families living across the miles. Imagine the joy this will bring to so many families who cannot be together because of whatever circumstance that keeps you apart. Now imagine your child's face as they listen to grandma, dad, uncle, aunt, Godmother, or even you read to them from far away.

Readeo has generously offered to give 5 of my readers a chance to win a one year subscription to Readeo. I am thrilled to host this giveaway. Thanks Readeo, this is an amazing product.

To Win:  Fill out the form below and answer this question:  What do you think of Readeo and who are you winning this for?   By Midnight, May 6, 2010

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  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    What a beautiful idea! this is too freaking cute! What a great idea for those parents who go on business trips, military parents etc.


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