Friday, January 29, 2010

A Military Band Signed By Sony Music - Check out 4Troops!

If you missed this group on Good Morning America, you HAVE to check them out.

The group, 4Troops, is made up of Capt. Meredith Melcher, Sgt. Daniel Jens, Staff Sgt (Ret.) Ron Henry and former Sgt. David Clemo.

Support 4Troops by visiting their website and pre-ordering their CD which will come out in May of this year.
    A portion of the proceeds from the sales of 4TROOPS products will benefit charities that support American veterans


    1. I saved the links and will check them out later on, it looks great though. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Hey, wasn't Sgt. Daniel Jens on America's Got Talent??? He is somehow familiar to me....

    3. I think these guys (and gal) are amazing. Thank you for posting this. I posted the video to my son's Facebook page so he can share it with his whole unit.
      I really appreciate your support of the troops, it really means a lot to me!


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