Sunday, December 06, 2009

So Cute I Can't Stand It

I love Flickr and so a lot of amazing photos on there but never have I seen so many that have made me smile and squeel.

Tracy Raver's photostream is stunning. Loads of sweet baby faces that will make you long to hold a newborn in your arms again.

Tracy is one talented photographer and I just had to share her work with you.


  1. C'mon, Maria. I already have Baby Fever and you're not helping!
    Seriously though, those are some cute pictures. I love the babies in the crazy hats!

  2. Maria, thanks for sharing... they are the best photos. I have Grandma fever, that way you can hold, love, squeeze, and kiss them to death... then when they poop - you can give them to MOMMY!!
    When are you having your next one????


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