Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Review - The Second Half Adventure by Kay Marshall Strom

Looking for something different for your New Year?

Empty Nest Syndrome?

Retirement not for you?

Looking for something more?

Want to Experience Life?

Take a chance on The Second-Half Adventure: Don't Just Retire-Use Your Time, Skills, and Resources to Change the World
by Kay Marshall Strom.

There is a new face on missionaries. The face is a little more lined, sometimes a little less hair, or maybe a sprout of gray but this face always has a smile.

I had no idea before reading this book how many people are taking their lives in a completely different direction than they had originally intended.

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: October 2009
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Format: Paperback, 208pp
  • Sales Rank: 245,894


A social worker from New England . . . a Texas airline pilot . . . a homemaker from California . . . a lawyer who has lived everywhere . . . a quilter in Oregon. What do they have in common? All are on the adventure of their lives.

Like many others among the 77 million baby boomers, these men and women don't want to retire from contributing when they retire from their careers. So they are using their time, skills, and resources to make a difference. Written in conjunction with Finishers Project, an umbrella organization that encompasses more than 100 mission organizations, this book will help baby boomers discover a second-half adventure that fits them and counts for eternity.

It's true, why would a bunch of healthy, fit, educated, thinking, striving, individuals simply sit on a couch, watching TV and doing puzzles when they could really make an impact for the better of mankind. This is not your grandparents retirement.

After reading this, I am sure, that if God gives me the breath and the strength to do his work after my children are grown, I will remember this book and take the path that my heart leads me to.


  1. I think I'd be bored reading this book.

  2. Freda,

    It was an easy read. Something to ponder for the future.

  3. I think I need to get my mom a copy of this book--she's one of those sitting on the "couch, watching T.V. and doing puzzles" that you wrote about!

  4. It's funny, after working for 45 years, Bill kind-of likes sitting around watching TV, working on the computer, traveling, and going to Disney World.
    I can see that there are some other people who would get bored doing nothing, but we sort-of like it!
    Great review by you, however.


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