Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Bachelor Season 13 Finale and Jason's About Face

Usually I post my recap over at Chotskies but I am so crazed about last nights episode.

What the hell? Really what the hell people?

What happened to Jason. I never saw him as a douche bag and I don't know if the Bachelor contract is the reason things went down the way they did but holy friggin crap!

Ok...so..Melissa and Molly meet Ty and all goes well. While Melissa's home date seemed very natural, Molly's seemed a little ackward. Jason was touching Melissa the whole time she spoke to his family while with Molly he had his arm around the back of the couch where she sat.

At their indivdual dates; Melissa and Jason went swimming in ice cold water and she informed him that her parents wanted to talk to him on the phone. On Molly's date, she took him home and gave him a massage. Then she whipped up a very hearty dinner (she could have fed a family of 6 with it for the 2 of them). Before they were done eating she asked him to go over to the couch where she presented him with a scrapbook (the 1% she was holding back). "To the Man I love" type thing. He was floored.

Jason talks to Melissa's parents on the phone.

DeAnna stops by and tells him that "she" made a mistake and should have picked him. She told him to "lead his heart".

Jason picks a ring and he and Ty dress up ready for the final rose.

Molly shows up and he tells her that he loves someone else. She tells him that he is making a huge mistake. He walks her to the car and then sobs uncontrolably for over 5 minutes.

Melissa shows up and Jason proposes to her. She is so excited, he proposes and she is beyond elated. Ty comes out and the three of them jump into the pool in their pretty attire.

Anyway...fast forward to the final rose ceremony and the lights are low, there is no audience and Jason walks out as if he is about to tell us that someone is sick or died. I am nervous as Chris asks him to tell us what is going on. Jason tells us that he made a mistake. The feelings and the passion he had for Melissa are no longer there. He wants them to be because she deserves that but he can't get Molly off his mind. Oh wah wah wah.. What the hell?

Chris asks him if Melissa is aware of this and he says they spent the holidays together but that everything is different and that she will not be blind sided by this or some such shit.

Jason tells Chris that he is going to tell Melissa that things are over and he that he hopes that Molly still has feelings for him. What??!!!!

So, Mel walks out and she is very somber and has a tad attitude. She is feeling the tension and takes a seat. Jason proceeds to tell her that things are different and he thinks he may have made a mistake. She calls him a bastard and says she can't believe after everything she has been through (and you know what I've been through), that he would do this to her. Uh yeah, on national TV? Why? Was it really necessary to not tell her about this before the taping?

Mel asks what she did and he says, nothing. She tells him that this is Jason not wanting to fight for her and asks why he had to propose to her. She tells him that he took that moment away from her. That moment where the man you will spend your life with asks you for your hand.

Melissa gives him back the ring and tells him not to talk to her anymore. She walks away and he follows but I don't think they speak.

Melissa is a classact and her attitude shows how supportive her family is. For a 25 year old women she has a very mature way of thinking. She is sure that there will be a reason for this in the long and she will one day be able to say, Ah, this is why that happened but right now she is so hurt.

When she asked Jason if he had been talking to Molly, I have to wonder if he lied. He made it seem as if Melissa was aware that things weren't right but she seemed very shocked. I think he may have been talking to Mol all along.

Molly comes out to talk to Chris Harrison and talks about how hard it's been to watch the show because usually when you break up with someone you don't have to see them. She had to see him every week but all the feelings she had for him are still there. He is a great guy, yada yada.

Chris asks her how she would feel if Jason said to her that he had made a mistake and she says she has been dreaming about that but they would have to have a long conversation about why he didn't choose her the first time.

Jason comes out and he tells her that he and Melissa just broke up and Molly acts very surprised looking from Chris to Jason. They she starts rubbing his leg the while they finish the interview. What the hell? If I were Molly I would make it a little more difficult. Why did he get a get out of jail free card? Seriously, what the hell is this world coming to?

Rubbing his leg, making out with him on live TV after we see him supposedly break your heart just minutes earlier, have a sense of dignity women!

I spoke to two of my girlfriends about the finale and they are pretty pissed with him. They think he's a shit and not the nice guy he makes himself out to be.

On the other hand, I respect the fact that he feels he made a mistake. I respect the fact that he can't get Molly out of his head. We have seen what at least 10 seasons of bachelors ride the bachelor train to the end of the final rose, propose and not end up with the chick anyway. If he feels he made a mistake that is fine. What I don't understand is why he broke up with her on national TV! Her parents are totally thinking, see we know there was a reason why we didn't want to be on TV. Poor Melissa is thinking she did something wrong.

Tonight I will be watching the hour long special after the, after the rose special. ABC had to make up another show to fill a time slot I guess.

Chin up Melissa. You are hot babe and America loves you.

Here is Jason on Jimmy Kimmel last night

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